It can often be so difficult to find the perfect size bed frame for your bedroom space. Often many retailers will only offer standard sizes and not made to measure beds. Whether you’re after a smaller bed for the guest room or a large for a master bedroom, At Evershine Furniture Factory you can customize your bed from headboard height and style to upholstery fabrics or leathers. With ability to provide clients with bespoke bed designs. We not only produce all our beds in our factory in Al Quoz, Dubai but can also tailor the design to your needs and requirements.

Get Your Beds Upholstered With Evershine!

After a long, stressful day, you most likely want to cosy up in your bed. You can only sleep well and unwind if your bed is completely upholstered with the best custom-made beds in Dubai services. At Evershine Furniture Factory, we give you the broadest selection of bed upholstery options so you may create your own bed.

We can meet all of your design preferences, whether you need conventional, contemporary, or futuristic custom upholstered beds in Dubai. We can assist if you're looking for Custom Made Bed Upholstery. We offer the highest quality custom bed upholstery services.

Why do you need custom beds and headboards in Dubai?

Although there are many ready-made beds in the market with really opulent designs, do they look right in your bedroom? Does the size fit your room exactly? Does the bed's design complement the other furniture in the room? Well, with all of these factors in mind, it might be challenging to select the ideal size bed with complementary aesthetics. We provide you a comprehensive set of custom-made upholstered beds in Dubai to help you solve this problem. Our trained artisans can build any custom design for your bed and bed headboards, regardless of the size, pattern, or colour you require.

The easiest way to fix all of the issues with your flimsy old bed is to get it upholstered. Upholstery is more affordable than purchasing a new bed. Consequently, if you're seeking bed upholstery services close to where you are, you've found the proper spot. For all types of furniture, particularly beds, we provide the most dependable upholstery services.

We create beds with headboards in all sizes, including king-size beds and any bespoke sizes up to the dimensions of your space. In addition, we may make any modifications you require to your current bed design. So please get in touch with us if you require any of the associated services!

Never compromising on quality

The strength and dependability of your bed are dependent on the quality of the materials used in its construction. Since we have been in the carpentry business for several years, we are familiar with reputable contractors who can supply high-quality solid wood that is guaranteed to last. We utilise high-grade wood for creating your custom upholstered headboards in Dubai.

You won't need to worry about anything if you hire us to make the best-upholstered bed because we can handle everything quickly and effectively without putting our clients under stress. For custom furniture in Dubai, we use materials of the highest calibre. For the purpose of enhancing the uniqueness and allure of our customers' beds, we use the best quality fabrics.

The cloth we use for bed upholstery is incredibly strong and durable, and the foam we use is likewise of the highest quality. Because of this, the beds may endure a long period without needing to be maintained.

In order to make it simple for our clients to choose the right headboard for their space, we also provide a sizable choice of headboard fabrics. You can choose the fabric's colour and pattern in accordance with the room's decor. Additionally, you may coordinate the headboards with the chairs, sofas, and couches in the space.

Why choose us for bed upholstery?

Our selection of upholstered Headboards and Beds includes exquisitely created items to improve any bedroom in your house. In addition to an impressive selection of upholstered headboards, we have developed a line of entirely upholstered beds that come in twin, full, queen, and king bed sizes. With our custom upholstered headboards, which include opulently tufted and quilted headboards, you can make going to bed a pleasant, opulent experience every night. Explore the selection to find headboards constructed of high-quality materials.

Below are some of the numerous advantages you get when you hire us for bed upholstery.

    • The price of the Bed Upholstery is less than purchasing a new one, allowing you to save money.
    • The beds made by Evershine are quite durable because of the high-quality materials we use for furniture upholstery.
    • Our beds are incredibly durable and may be used for more than 15 years.
    • These finest upholstered beds take very little upkeep, and users may clean them with a microfiber mop or upholstery brush.

 Some types of upholstered beds we offer

    • Upholstered Bed frames

These days, a lot of individuals want their bed frames upholstered. The bed is made to seem quite lovely and distinctive by covering the entire frame with upholstery. Because of this, we now provide upholstered bed frames. We may also reupholster the bed frames that are already there.

    • Upholstered corner bed

We can provide you with the most modern and fashionable upholstered corner beds. To suit the demands of the space, we may even reupholster your old corner bed. Our upholstery and reupholstery services are priced very affordable.

    • Leather upholstered bed

These days, beds with leather upholstery are quite popular due to their elegance. We provide leather upholstery for upholstered headboards in Dubai as well as other furniture pieces like bedside tables, and these items look absolutely stunning after receiving our bed upholstery.

    • Upholstered king-sized bed

Additionally, we provide upholstered king-size beds. It is recommended to call us if you have a king-size bed in your bedroom and want to reupholster it since we use high-quality materials for these beds' bed upholstery and entirely change their appearance.

 Your bedroom can be made to seem stylish and opulent with upholstered beds. These fabric bed frames might be the height of opulence if they are made of pricey materials like velvet and leather. Look for our upholstered sleigh beds if space is not a problem and you want to create an opulent statement. The curved headboards and footboards of these fabric beds give them a distinctive look. For the ultimate in luxury, get a super king bed in this type of upholstered bed.

An upholstered bed frame with storage can be the solution if your bedroom is tiny or if you need a guest bed for a place that serves many purposes. A tiny bedroom or a guest room with several uses is a suitable place for an upholstered storage double bed. Some of these alternatives are also appropriate as storage beds for kids. No matter how much room you have, you may still have the elegance and sophistication of an upholstered bed.

So, whether you need upholstered beds or just custom headboards in Dubai, Evershine Furniture LLC is just the place you must contact. 

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