Evershine Furniture Factory supply and install motorized curtains for private villas, Offices as well as commercial premises in Dubai,UAE. Our expert team have several years of experience in installing and programming motors. Motorized options are Available with American 3 pleat, Box pleat and ripple pleat curtains. Evershine Furniture Factory can custom make the curtain with your chosen fabric and add motorized options.

We can supply the motor as per your requirements. If you are looking for remote controlled motors; Somfy or Dooya motors will be right choice for you... We can connect it your existing electric connection or we can also supply battery operated motors which can be ideal for small window where providing power connection is difficult.

Curtain motors can be integrated with your existing Home automation system. Option to operate with mobile app through Additional Somfy application Connexoon RTS or TaHoma® simplifies the control of multiple home devices. We also have motors which can be controlled by mobile application, Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Commonly Asked Question about Motorized curtains

Some of the popular questions are listed below.

What are the requirements to install & How are the motorized blinds powered?
Nearest 230V power connection is necessary or else need to arrange it with electrician. We can also supply battery operated motors.

What is the maximum height & width of the Motorized curtains?
Width of curtains is usually 6 metres for single motor with standard height for normal weight fabric. With additional motor we can install bigger size window also but this is depending on the height of the window...  please contact our sales team.

What is the warranty on the Somfy Motor?
The warranty on Somfy motors is 5 years.

What are the remote-control options available with motorization?
Electric window curtains are all controlled by a remote. However, smart curtains can also be controlled by apps which you can manage right from your smartphone.

Can I operate all the motorized curtain with a single remote control?
Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) is compatible with all Somfy applications and allows for individual or group operation of window coverings. So, with a single remote control, you can operate all the motorized window coverings.

Experience Beauty With Comfort With Our Motorised Curtains!

If you want to add more charm and distinction to your house, motorized curtains in Dubai by Evershine are the most acceptable option. One of their most significant advantages is the ease of control motorised curtains offer their clients.These drapes assist you in creating a sensible living space for yourself in your house. Because you can remotely operate our curtains with your phone, you may decide when your motorized curtains will open and close. They may be made to fit any space; all you need to do is choose the suitable fabric. They can adapt to any interior. 

We offer velvet, silk, blackout, cotton, linen, polyester, lace, acrylic, rayon, voile, brocade, and embroidered materials for motorized curtains. For your curtains, you can choose from any colour in these materials, including black, royal blue, white, sky blue, yellow, green, purple, pink, and a combination of two or more colours. We can make curtains to your specifications out of any material.

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